Health and environment

Maison Deco is committed to an approach which is environmentally responsible and respects the air quality in your house.

All paints on the Maison Deco range are manufactured in compliance with current standards and in the constant quest to reduce the use of solvents in ingredients.
Amongst the multitude of labels and standards, here are a few benchmarks:

What are VOCs?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are present in ready-made products and can potentially be emitted into the atmosphere.
Volatile Organic Compounds, commonly called VOCs, are solvent fumes. They are present in certain everyday products, such as household cleaners and paint. The European Directive on VOCs 2007-2010 aims to reduce VOC content in paint, according to category.
Overall, Maison Décorative’s products contain few solvents.
This chart will help you to identify information relating to VOCs on our packaging.

What is the European Ecological Label?

The European Ecological Label or Ecolabel is assigned to everyday consumer products and services which have limited environmental impact. The Ecolabel flower allows consumers easily to identify green products which have received official approval. Manufacturers are not obliged to adopt the Ecolabel. They decide to make the application to the relevant national bodies.
In the world of paint, products which have received the label meet the following criteria:
- Good results for interior use
- Limited use of hazardous substances
- Low level of solvents

What is Indoor Air Quality Label?

A large number of products used inside expose the consumer to irritants, allergens, carcinogens ...
The label indicates the noveau emission of volatile pollutants: a note from A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions) and the schema of a house sontenant a cloud of pollutants quickly identify quality product and its toxicity.

Maison Deco  is committed to a policy of compliance with indoor air and strives for every product to achieve an A + rating, guaranteeing an air quality the least harmful possible.